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The true safari experience is to travel by road.
With outstanding landscapes, beautiful scenery, warm and friendly people, let not one fool you. Traveling by road is the best option for your safari in Kenya.

Our game reserves and national parks are just that… Game reserves and national parks in the wild. They are not zoos or enclosed premises.
So do not expect solid paved bitumen roads up to the park or reserve gate.
This is Kenya. The cradle of mankind. Where the last wildlife roams freely in Africa. We want the wild to remain as it is wild. Where nature is king and queen and the parks and reserves her castle.

Accessing the parks and reserves is an adventure on its own. Snaking through the Rift Valley or up to the Aberdares, Kenya is best seen via road. Most roads are paved in Kenya but the majority of the access roads into the parks and reserves are graded murram roads which do at times prove an eye opener for our visitors.

However not wanting to dampen your safari spirit and even with the challenging roads, we at Zeno Safaris came up with the unbeatable undeniable king of the road. The Landcruiser safari vehicle!

Fitted with suspension made for Africa, comfortable seats, 4×4 tyres and body,  this beast of the savannah is unmatched and the best vehicle to explore Kenya.
With its comfortable suspension, on-board cooler boxes (for your drinks and snacks), seatbelts, plenty of leg room, UHF / VHF radio system, pop-up safari roof and large windows this is your best option for safaris in Kenya.
All our drivers are trained in 4×4 driving so no mud-hole, river bed, or jarred terrain is going to be an issue. Land Cruisers all come fitted for the true 4×4 experience, so going off road when following the wildlife in to rocky areas, muddy and wet areas proves no difficult task for the cruisers

The vehicles are all comprehensively insured, inspected by the traffic authorities in Kenya, duly licensed and fitted with mandatory speed governors. So in addition to your comfort your safety is our paramount objective.

We highly recommend the 4×4 safari ladcruiser for all your travels in Kenya.

We also have in our fleet the safari minibuses, (the original safari vehicles before the arrival of the landcruiser) and these are best suited for city tours, day excursions and during the dry season. All come standard with safari pop up roof and fully trained drivers.

For the big groups we also have the over land trucks. Though seldom used due to their size and cost there are a suitable option from groups ranging between 18 – 30 people.

Our last option for your travels in Kenya is travel by air. These bookings are done with independent regulated airline companies in Kenya who fly to the National parks and Game reserves. Though much more costly they have the added benefit of speed of travel and comfort.
Mostly suited for the elderly traveler they still do have the advantage of avoiding some of our more challenging roads in Kenya. Furthermore we do get special offers for both transport and accommodation which we will offer to you so this is a viable transport option as well.

Costs for the mini-buses and land cruiser all differ. The cheapest option being the 8 seater minibuses.
Please note that charges are usually calculated on the destination and number of days of the safari.

If you do take a package tour then the cost of transport (including game drives), accommodation and meals (except drinks) is all included in the price.

Please do contact us for your safari and our experts will advise you best on the most suitable option for your safari.

Even the South Africans admit it… “You want the true safari. The home of Safaris.. Go to Kenya”.. they say.

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