Tsavo East

Is a very popular Park as is indicated by the high number of tourists. Some of the attractive scenic features include: large herds of elephants and other wildlife.

It is easily accessible by road, air (light aircraft). popular legend of Tsavo lions “The Man-eaters of Tsavo”. Yatta plateau – It is about 290Km long and is one of the worlds longest lava flows.

Lugards Falls on the Galana river – This is not a true falls but a series of rapids. Visitors can walk down to the river to view the rapids. Mudanda rock – This is a long rock outcrop that is about 1.6Km long. There is a dam at the base. Animals can be seen drinking.

Visitors can walk along the rock and enjoy a cool breeze as well as view wildlife at the base. Aruba Dam -was built in 1952 across the Voi river. The dam attracts many animals and water birds can be seen at this dam. Tsavo/Athi rivers confluence – when the two rivers join they form the Galana river. Elephants, Rhinos, Hirola, Lions and Leopard. Several semi luxury camps.