Sweet Waters Game Reserve

Nestled between Mt. Kenya to the east and the Aberdares Mountains to the west, Sweetwaters Game Reserve is a privately held reserve covering some 24,000 acres.

You stay in tents adjacent to a waterhole, which provides for a constant procession of animals taking their turn at the precious resource. This is one of the best conservancies in Kenya.

You get to see the Big Five and it is home to the only Chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya.

Also chance to feed rhino in protected enclosure. By far one of the most upcoming Wildlife destinations in Kenya. The reserve boasts a plethora of wildlife over 400 species of birds, lion, elephant, rhino and cheetah to name just a few.

Visitors can do night and day game drives and there are a number of other activities available such as guided bush walks, lion tracking, horse and camel trekking.

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